Jimi Albert


My initial thoughts on setting up the DRIP channel will follow a format of creating a piece from beginning to end in various processes (cyanotype, monotype, anthotype, all digital, etc), showing all the steps along the way. I am exclusively a 1/1 artist. I will stick to that by having the ultimate of the collection as the 1/1. An aside to this, as a 1/1 artist, this will be the only place in Web3 to collect new work from me that deals in editions, making on chain mints accessible to all.

The ULTIMATE 1/1 will be the final result. I like the idea of auctioning the Ultimate with the actual physical piece.

LEGENDARY - The behind the scenes, or instructional video of how the 1/1 was made

RARE - A screenshot of the process video or another video of the AI editing in PS

COMMON - The AI that I used to create the piece

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