Jimi Albert

Drip Haus: Week 4 – Mugen

      I am enveloped by a myriad of sensations, as if the art itself beckons me to plunge into its depths. The Japanese word for infinity, ‘Mugen’, resonates with the raw boundless energy captured in the strokes and textures of this piece.

     In the chaos of colors and forms, is an unbridled spirit. A tempestuous mind, the dynamic cosmos of thoughts where creation and destruction dance in eternal interplay, unconfined by the finite boundaries of reality.

     The textures that overlay and intersect throughout the work are reminiscent of the layered complexity within myself; they are the myriad paths I’ve walked, the experiences that have etched themselves upon my soul. There’s a rawness here, a vulnerability in the stark black lines that sketch the visage, hinting at an essence that refuses to be fully obscured by the whirlwind that surrounds it.

     MUGEN is a mirror to my own internal landscape—fragmented, resilient, constantly evolving. It’s a visual symphony, a cacophony of the known and the mysterious. A yearning to embrace the infinite possibilities of creation, to lose myself within the vastness of expression that lies beyond the canvas.

WEEK 4 Drip Haus
Drop date: April 11th, 2024

Mugen 1/1 monotype -includes the Physical of the piece. The winner of the Mallow auction can choose to collect the piece , or destroy it. If destroyed, a video of the destruction will be airdropped to the collector as a 1/1 NFT.

LEGENDARY: Making Of Mugen 10 Editions – The behind the scenes video of how Hardwired was created. 

RARE: Mugen Amalgam 100 Editions – This piece is a fusion of the original AI and the finished physical piece. A marriage between technologies that are hundreds of years apart.

COMMON: Mugen AI (every subscriber) – This is the original AI that I used to create the physical piece.

Thank you to everyone who subscribed! You’re support of my work is immeasurable! Much Love!

~Jimi Albert

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