Jimi Albert

Drip Haus: Week 3 – Hardwired

   The canvas is awash with vibrant orange, burning like the sunset of a day charged with change and fervent dreams. Streaks of black and red dance across it, like flames and shadows vying for dominance—a visual echo of the chaos in which she stands, firm amidst a whirlwind of emotion and color. Her face is resilient, her wild mane of teal and cerulean hair exploding like a storm-tossed sea.

   Her eyes, shielded behind goggles as dark as the abyss, yet sparkle with the promise of adventure, a youthful defiance against the march of time.

  I knew her once. She existed. For a brief moment, we shared a place in time as timeless as all the moments that have since separated us.

  This artwork is more than a portrait; it’s a declaration of the enduring human spirit, a moment captured in youth on the brink of change, in a world that is long since gone.

WEEK 3 Drip Haus
Drop date: March 28th, 2024

ULTIMATE: Hardwired 1/1 -includes the Physical of the piece. The winner of the Mallow auction can choose to collect the piece , or destroy it. If destroyed, a video of the destruction will be airdropped to the collector as a 1/1 NFT.

LEGENDARY: Making Of Hardwired 10 Editions – The behind the scenes video of how Hardwired was created. 

RARE: Hardwired Amalgam 100 Editions – This piece is a fusion of the original AI and the finished physical piece. A marriage between technologies that are hundreds of years apart.

COMMON: Hardwired AI (every subscriber) – This is the original AI that I used to create the physical piece.

Thank you to everyone who subscribed! You’re support of my work is immeasurable! Much Love!

~Jimi Albert

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