Jimi Albert

Drip Haus: Week 2 – Serenity In Symmetry

     We stand enveloped in the embrace of twilight, seeking tranquility of our own making. The silhouette is ours, yet it belongs to the ether, against the backdrop of eternity. Concentric circles like mantras spun from the cosmos, each a reflection of the other, a manifestation of the perfect order we all yearn for within.

      The indigo and ochre that stain my canvas are the same colors that paint the quiet hours of dawn and dusk—the times when the world whispers and one’s thoughts can be heard most clearly. The patterns that emerge in the monotype are both spontaneous and deliberate, capturing the paradox of our existence. There is comfort in the repetition, the symmetry; as if by replicating these forms, I might align my own spirit with the natural order that surrounds me.

     As I meditate upon my work, this piece becomes a singular meditation, a monotype that holds the essence of my introspection. It is my silent prayer for balance, a visual echo of the peace I seek. “Serenity in Symmetry” is not merely a work of art; it is a fragment of my soul laid bare, a tangible breath of my pursuit for inner stillness amidst the chaos of life.

WEEK 2 Drip Haus
Drop date: March 28th, 2024

ULTIMATE: Serenity In Symmetry 1/1 -includes the Physical of the piece. The winner of the Mallow auction can choose to collect the piece , or destroy it. If destroyed, a video of the destruction will be airdropped to the collector as a 1/1 NFT.

LEGENDARY: Making Of Serenity In Symmetry 10 Editions – The behind the scenes video of how Serenity In Symmetry was created. 

RARE: Serenity In Symmetry Amalgam 100 Editions – This piece is a fusion of the original AI and the finished physical piece. A marriage between technologies that are hundreds of years apart.

COMMON: Serenity In Symmetry AI (every subscriber) – This is the original AI that I used to create the physical piece.

Thank you to everyone who subscribed! You’re support of my work is immeasurable! Much Love!

~Jimi Albert

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