Jimi Albert

Drip Haus: Week 1 – Burning Man

     We’re standing on the edge of a cliff. The past is pressing at our backs like fire, pushing us closer to the line. Our mind tells us we’ll fall. Our heart hopes that we’ll fly. It’s all perception.

     We exist in this place in history where the old norms are replaced by an ever changing and exciting landscape. We can choose to adapt or risk falling silently into the past.

     In creating “Burning Man,” I immersed myself into the visceral truth that the only certainty in life is change. This piece is my intimate dance with transformation, an echo of the raw, sometimes painful, often beautiful process of personal evolution.

     The embrace of changing courses through the work—the heat of it, the necessity. The fire represents the spectrum of life’s passions, the purifying trials that shape our beings, the emotional crucible in which we are all forged.

Incorporating AI into traditional mediums infuses the work with a dialogue between human creativity and technological innovation. This fusion speaks volumes about our era, a time when our very experiences and essence are being reshaped by the digital world. It’s a reflection on how our identities and consciousness are evolving in ways previously unimagined.

It is less of a static image and more a living thing, pulsating with the acknowledgment that each of us, in facing change, is both vulnerable and powerful. This work is a raw, emotional articulation of that power, a reminder that in the chaos of transformation, we find our truest selves.

     Where does the piece take you?


WEEK 1 Drip Haus
Drop date: March 21st, 2024

ULTIMATE: Burning Man 1/1 -includes the Physical of the piece. The winner of the Mallow auction can choose to collect the piece , or destroy it. If destroyed, a video of the destruction will be airdropped to the collector as a 1/1 NFT.

LEGENDARY: Making Of Burning Man 10 Editions – The behind the scenes video of how Burning Man was created. 

RARE: Burning Man Amalgam 100 Editions – This piece is a fusion of the original AI and the finished physical piece. A marriage between technologies that are hundreds of years apart.

COMMON: Burning Man AI (every subscriber) – This is the original AI that I used to create the physical piece.

Thank you to everyone who subscribed! You’re support of my work is immeasurable! Much Love!

~Jimi Albert

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